Getting good and stuffed with Mr. Good Stuff!

June 18, 2011

Tuesday had once again rolled around and with that I made my way over to Johnson & Wales for BTTR. This week, I went determined and on a mission; I had to try Mr. Good Stuff's 'Green With Envy.' The Green with Envy dish is actually fried green plantains (AKA Tostones) stuffed with the filling of your choice. I decided to try Mr.Good Stuff's tostones with three different fillings, their Sweet Caroline (Carolina BBQ pulled pork with cheddar cheese and coleslaw), their Good as Pluck (Chicken Salad with bacon & avocado)and finally their Coconut Curry Pineapple Express (Coconut Curry Chicken with pineapple chunks).
I dug into the Good as Pluck toston first and wow. The salty plaintain taste went really well with the bacon bits, avocado and cilantro flavored chicken salad. It was a whole lot of savory flavor that just made me excited for the next one.
Next up, I decided to try the Sweet Caroline. This was actually the first time I had ever tried their pulled pork, so I was a bit nervous but I stuffed it into my face anyway. Their pulled pork was great, tender and just really tasty, the coleslaw was fresh and crisp and the cheddar cheese at the bottom of the toston was just an added treat on this awesome little concoction. The flavor of the plantain blended really well with the pork and cheese making me sad when I realized I had eaten the whole thing in three bites. 
Last but definitely not least is the Coconut Curry Pineapple Express. I actually love their Coconut Curry Pineapple Express in their luna's but was curious to see how the flavors played out in a salty toston. Unfortuantely, it didn't work as well as I hoped in my opinion. The flavor of the plantain took away from the subtle coconut and curry flavors in the chicken and sauce. None the less, I still inhaled it and told myself, "Next time I'll go with their 'Son of a Brisket.'"
I had actually been to Mr. Good Stuffs several times and had always stuck with their Lunas (Venezuelan arepas that are a lot like the ones my mom makes). This was my first time venturing away from their globally stuffed arepas and trying something new from their eclectic menu. Overall, I was not only pleased but impressed. Alfredo and his team are not only friendly and accommodating (ex: stuffing my arepas with just cheese, like my mom makes them) but they know exactly what they're doing. Next time, I plan on hitting up their Cheezy-My-Neezy dish (Deep fried cheese bites stuffed with Cheddar, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella & Provolone cheese & served with a spicy guava dipping sauce).!/mrgoodstuffs

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