Shake Shack can do no wrong.

June 24, 2011

Shake Shack was introduced to Miami one year ago; with it's low key appearance yet perfectly situated location in Lincoln Road Mall, this place is a force to be reckoned with. Originally from New York City, the growing Shake Shack franchise has made its way down the east coast to meet the eager fatasses of Miami (myself included). I go to Shake Shack fairly regularly since it first opened up and from the first bite I've been hooked, so naturally I had to blog about it.

Historically, I've always gotten the single shack burger which consists of one Black Angus beef patty, American cheese, shack sauce, lettuce, and tomato. On this last visit, I decided to up the ante and go for a double shack burger, which of course means double the meat (oh yea baby!). Their burgers are always cooked medium, unless otherwise specified. I ordered mine with no lettuce or tomato, just the good stuff. I stepped up to the challenge and made that burger my bitch; It was absolutely delicious. The meat is juicy and tender, the bun isn't sliced completely in two, so it doesn't fall apart on you or make a mess (which is ingenious if you ask me). The shack sauce on this little piece of heaven is just as important as the meat itself. The sauce is their take on Thousand Island dressing which consists of mayo, some ketchup, mustard, a few spices, and pickles (not relish) blended in.

Along with my amazing burger, I went ahead and ordered a side of cheese fries. The fries themselves are nothing impressive, they're Yukon Gold potatoes in a simple crinkle cut. What makes the fries stand out however, is Shake Shack's cheese sauce. This isn't your momma's can of cheez whiz, their sauce is made in-house and will have you licking the cardboard when you're done. It has a thick and creamy consistency that really sky rockets what would've been mediocre french fries.

You'd think by now I'd be ready for a hospital admission with a severe case of food coma, but no I haven't had dessert yet! I usually don't go for dessert because it truly is a lot of food, but since this time I went prepared to up the ante, I had to pony up and deal. I decided to build my own Concrete (think Dairy Queen Blizzard) and I went with vanilla frozen custard, chocolate truffle cookie dough and hot fudge. All I could say bite after bite was, "Wow!" The fudge was thick, rich and warm; the custard was thick and the chunks of cookie dough were chewy and distributed evenly throughout the whole concrete.

The restaurant itself has a loungy yet fast food appeal. You walk up to the register, order your food and are then handed a buzzer (similar to Elevation burger, BRG Burger Joint or DGB burger). Once your food is ready you simply just pick it up at the counter. This is definitely not a sit down restaurant with waiter service but it works well with the Lincoln Road crowd and feel. This place is not only kid friendly but dog friendly with their very own doggy menu items. If you haven't checked this restaurant out, you're missing out. If you haven't checked it out yet, stop by the next time you're shopping and people watching on Lincoln Road!

Restaurant Details:
Shake Shack
1111 Lincoln Rd.
Miami Beach, Fl.
(305) 434-7787

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