Finding foodgasms at the Lost & Found Saloon

July 21, 2011

The Lost and Found Saloon is a wonderful hole in the wall in the art district favored by several Miami hipsters and art district regulars. This small restaurant offers great Southwestern/tex-mex food and it’s usually buzzing during the monthly Wynwood Art Walk and busting at the seams during Art Basel. I’ve been going to the Lost & Found for about 5 years now and am a huge fan. I’ve introduced several friends to this place and have in turn made them fans; I’ve tried just about everything on the menu and have yet to find a single thing I don’t like. This place is as small as they come, with a seating space inside the restaurant of about 40 people (that’s including the bar). The d├ęcor is true to the food they serve with a giant cow hide hanging on the wall (someone call PETA), metal cacti over the bar and cowboy flare throughout the space. It should also be mentioned that this place does not have a full bar. It does, however, offer a nice mix of various beers, wines and fountain drinks. This is one place I can full heartedly vouch for, so naturally I had to blog about it.

My friend and I decided to go over and have lunch over the weekend. As usual, I decided to check in on Facebook, because I like letting people know where I’m at in case they want to stalk me. Luckily for me (and you), Lost & Found offers ‘check-in’ specials on Facebook. If you check in between 11am-3pm you get a complimentary cup of soup, side salad, beverage or cookie. I went with a cup of their enchilada chicken soup. This soup is hearty, full of intense flavor and it carries a tiny bit of heat. It’s filled with chunks of chicken, cheese, corn, beans, tomatoes and onions. Finally it’s drizzled over the top with crema and parsley. This in itself could have been my meal because it’s a really filling soup, but who are we trying to kid?!

Once I was done with my soup, I got their vegetarian Chipotle Black Bean burger off their Posse Break Light Fare menu. The beauty about the items on the Posse Break Light Fare menu is that you can pile them high with all sorts of add-ons to your liking. The black bean burger is a three bean vegetarian patty and comes with sliced red onions, plum tomatoes on a sour dough bun along with a side of coleslaw. Me being the fatass that I am, I decided to throw on cheese, guacamole, chipotle aioli and of course, bacon. What I got, was an insanely savory bean burger with all sorts of amazing flavors meshing together to give me one heck of a foodgasm. The cheese on my burger was piled on so high that it resulted in burned cheese all along the edge of the burger, like a little crispy, cheesy cracker from heaven. The guacamole is also thick, creamy and perfectly seasoned going wonderfully with the chipotle aioli. When I was done with my foodgasm, the only thing I was left craving was a cigarette.

After my soup and burger, I was too full and had no room for dessert, yet again. However, if you ever make it over there be sure to try one of their jumbo cookies a la mode, you will not be disappointed. This Wynwood gem has been around long before Midtown boomed in popularity. Its friendly staff and great food will definitely ensure its longevity in the area. If you’re ever in the area and looking for a good burrito, burger, soup, or just about any kind of good southwestern fare, then this is the place to check out. I would personally avoid this place on busy artwalk nights; you will be waiting for a long while since it is after all a small place.

Restaurant Details:
The Lost & Found Saloon
185 NW 36th St
Miami, FL 33127

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