Sakaya Kitchen helps me not kill people on the drive home.

August 28, 2011

By now, everyone has either been to or heard of the Sakaya Kitchen food truck or the Dim Ssam a gogo food truck. The restaurant that started these two food trucks (and another 2 trucks that are in the works) is Sakaya Kitchen located in Midtown. Located right next to Five Guys Burgers this small restaurant offers fresh authentic Asian food at a fast pace. I’ve been to the restaurant several times and in recent months it has become one of my regular dinner stops on the way home from work. Although I love the food trucks, I urge everyone to go to the actual restaurant and try the food there. However, be warned some of your favorite food truck items are NOT available at the restaurant. So don’t be afraid and try new dishes. You won’t be disappointed.

I've tried a couple of their appetizers, one of them being their popular Ginger Brussel Sprouts. I can honestly say I have NEVER had a brussel sprout in my entire life until I had one at Sakaya Kitchen and I’ve only had them at this restaurant. Their brussel sprouts are fried and then tossed/bathed/soaked in a rich ginger, garlic soy sauce that makes these sprouts taste phenomenal. As many of my personal friends know, I don't really like vegetables so when my friends see me hoarding the brussel sprouts at Sakaya, they know they've got to taste great and nothing like an actual vegetable.

I’ve also tried the edamame at Sakaya Kitchen. Edamame is pretty hard to get wrong, steam, sprinkle salt over the top and you’re done. At Sakaya Kitchen, they toss their edamame in the same ginger garlic soy sauce that’s used for their amazing brussel sprouts. So many rich flavors that they really make eating these healthy little guys a breeze.

One item that is available on both the food trucks and the restaurant is their Angus Beef “Bulgogi” Burger. I personally don’t like ordering the burger on the truck or to-go at the restaurant; since they wrap it in aluminum foil the bun gets squashed and slightly soggy from the condensation that builds up. If you can, always get your burger from the restaurant, it’s a completely different experience. The burger comes stacked with an angus beef patty, pork belly, spicy mayo, tator tots and homemade pickles. This is by far the messiest burger I have probably ever had. The insane flavor though makes the mess well worth it. The fresh flavor of the pickles cuts down the spiciness of the mayo perfectly. The crisp pork belly adds a great contrast to the beef patty. The tator tots are great, so why the hell not just throw them in. As messy as this burger always ends up being, I love it and always find myself coming back for it.

My favorite dish at Sakaya Kitchen is their Dae-Ji Galbi spicy pork tenderloin with coconut rice. This dish also comes with butter’d broccoli but I always swap that out for my brussel sprouts. The pork is grilled in a spicy Korean marinade that has a great kick but won’t make you run around looking for bread and water (unless you’re a chicken). The portion of meat is fair and the best part is the coconut Thai rice that it’s served with. The rice is the complete antithesis of the spicy pork, the perfect yin to the pork’s yang. The rice has a tiny bit of sweetness to it from the coconut milk and is almost creamy with sprinkled peanuts and green onions over the heaping portion of rice. All I can ever think about while eating this rice is, “How can I get this to my mom so she can figure out how to convert this to coconut rice pudding.” The slight sweetness of the rice goes perfectly with the pork and cuts down the heat in the pork’s marinade. By far this is my favorite meal at Sakaya so far.

The only thing that Sakaya Kitchen lacks is a dessert menu. However, they do serve enormous cookies the size of your face. Don’t believe me? Check them out for yourself. My favorite cookie is their Kdunk which is a beautiful monstrosity that consists of chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and peanut butter filled pretzels. They're sweet, salty and plenty to share, unless you're me; in that case, no sharing.

This place offers great Asian/Korean fusion fare in a relative hurry. The service is always prompt and the vibe is always casual. The food is always fresh and infused with a tsunami of flavor. If they can get a fat ass like me to eat her vegetables, they are definitely doing something right. One of my favorite stops when I’m exhausted on the way home from work and don’t want to cook dinner.

Restaurant Details:
Sakaya Kitchen
3401 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 576-8096

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  1. You have a new follower in me. I love Sakaya. Let me tell you, I never in my life have been a fan of Brussel Sprouts until Sakaya. I personally have tried just about everything on their menu. The Korean Fried Wings are one of my favorites. Crispy and spicy and very moist. My hubby's fav is the Chunk Spicy Tots with braised short rib. Delish!