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September 18, 2011

I was finally able to make my way down to Tudor House without running over a Canadian tourist for a parking spot. The restaurant is located right in the middle of South Beach's hustle and bustle on the corner of eleventh and Collins Avenue. Located in the lobby of the Dream South Beach hotel, the restaurant itself offers an open and almost ethereal dining atmosphere that can be found in both their indoor and outdoor seating. I decided to swing by after work recently to check out their Miami Spice Menu and see what all of the buzz was about.

My meal started with some Salmon Rillete served over a crostini. The rillete was very creamy and had a tiny bit of black sea salt sprinkled over the top that added to its rich flavor. It was a small and great start; a foreshadowing to what was in store.

I decided to have their Peaches N Cream salad as my appetizer. The description simply states “French Feta, Baby Mache, Candied Hazelnuts” What I got was a wonderfully plated dish of sliced and delicious, fresh peaches over feta cream. The Feta cream was slightly salty but not over powering like some Feta tends to be. The Candied hazelnuts added a nice variation of texture with their crunch and added to the peaches’ sweet flavor. The baby mache worked in tying all of the flavors together perfectly. With this dish though you had to be sure to get a little bit of everything in each bite, otherwise there was a tiny something off from the flavor. Although I’m pretty sure this isn’t the type of "Peaches N Cream" 112 was singing about, it’s gotta be just as good in my opinion.

Up next I had their Short Rib that came with tater tots, apples and asparagus puree. This short rib was wonderfully seasoned and insanely tender. Their line cook, Christine, was nice enough to explain that their short rib is cooked for approximately 5 hours in a variety of ways including sous-vide. This thing was ridiculously soft and I kept muttering to myself “Oh my god, it’s like buttah,” like some old Jewish lady from the Bronx. The tater tots were also really good, nice and crispy on the outside yet soft and creamy on the inside. The best part was dunking and smothering the tater tots in the au jus and asparagus puree. The apples that came on the dish were also cooked sous-vide and were very tender, they gave a tiny hint of sweetness to the rest of the savory dish. By the time I was done, I was actually pretty stuffed and had completely forgotten there was still dessert headed my way.

I was lucky enough to get my chubby hands on two of their desserts. The first one I tried was the Lucky Charms Milkshake. The milkshake is served with crunchy rice crispies and homemade marshmallows floating at the top of the milkshake. Eating this felt like a lazy Sunday morning, curled up in my comfy pj’s and eating a bowl of childhood cereal. Again, you really had to get a little bit of everything in each bite so you can really enjoy the varying textures in the milkshake. I really liked it and as my friend perfectly put it, “It’s like drinking the milk at the bottom of the bowl.”

The second dessert I had was their menu regular, Popcorn Milkshake. This milkshake is made from salted brown butter, which is reminiscent to a salty caramel flavor and served with caramel popcorn for that extra added crunch. Along with the popcorn, it’s also served with homemade kit-kats with sea salt sprinkled over the top. The only thing I could say, is that I usually prefer my milkshakes to have a slightly more thick consistency, but the flavor with both of these were great and completely made up for it. I do have to say my favorite was the Popcorn Milkshake by a nose.

This place was a completely pleasant surprise. Not a lot of places live up to their hype in South Beach, but I can honestly say that Tudor House not only lives up to the hype, but actually exceeded it. From the absolutely perfect service I got from my waiter Kurt to the quality of the food. The only negative thing I can and will point out is that their Miami Spice menu is exactly the same for lunch and dinner, the only difference is the $13.00 price increase you have to shell out if you go for dinner. Which I felt is a bit of a rip off, don’t get me wrong this meal is absolutely worth $35. However, knowing I could’ve gotten it for $22 stings ever so slightly. None the less, this is a place to definitely check out and fight over South Beach parking for.

Restaurant Details:
Tudor House
(305) 534-8455
1111 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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