Pubbelly Sushi brings funkdified sushi to SOBE: PART 1

October 24, 2011

I’ve been putting off this post because I’m a lazy bum and a procrastinator. That and when I went to the newly opened Pubbelly Sushi, my date and I ate through pretty much half of their menu. That being said, this post will be broken up into two, part 1 covering the first half of dinner. The restaurant is a sushi inspired spinoff of its next door neighbor, Pubbelly. The same owners of course, but Pubbelly Sushi is a bigger space with lots of character. There’s graffiti on the walls, the specials are all written on the wall behind the bar. All of the chefs wear bandana-like head garments, which makes them look like they’re about to karate chop you like Bruce Lee. There’s even a posted schedule of the kind of music they play, the night I went was alternative music night.

Our waiter was really friendly. He kind of looked like a jersey shore reject, but none the less was really knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions we had. We ordered a couple of beers off their impressive craft beer list and worked our way through the menu. Our waiter did explain that the way the kitchen is set up, plates roll out as they are ready in no particular order. Our poor waiter seemed a bit overwhelmed with all of the food we ordered, but it was nothing our Pauly D wannabe couldn’t handle.

We rattled off a ton of dishes, but the first one I’ll cover is their Tostones de Pana. The dish itself is himachi ceviche tossed in ginger soy, cilantro and crispy breadfruit tostones. The presentation on this was really cute, the ceviche is served in a small jar with a miniature spoon and the tostones are standing up in a small wooden bin. The ceviche alone was really refreshing and flavorful. Throw the ceviche on a hot and slightly salty toston and the flavor explodes. The freshness of the ceviche beams through when contrasted against the saltiness of the toston. My friend was lucky I let him try a piece, I really wasn’t planning on sharing but lucky for him I’m on this “play nice” kick.

Next up we had the Snow Crab roll. The rolls looks like a little sushi burrito, wrapped in goma soy paper, the inside is filled with perfectly warm snowcrab and served with a small container of ponzu clarified butter. Yes, I said butter. You dip that sucker in butter and call it a day. The crab was perfectly seasoned and tasted great; the ponzu butter went very with the flavor of the crab and didn’t taste greasy in any way. My favorite was double dipping this roll in a little bit of their house soy sauce and then in the butter. I wouldn’t really recommend this dish for sharing because it’s relative small and trying to split it in half gets kind of messy. Plus, it’s really good so you’re not going to want to share it anyway.

Up next, we ordered the Yellowtail roll. This roll was insane, the minute they placed it on our table you could smell the truffle oil emanating from the dish. The roll consists of yellowtail fish, snow crab, truffled yuzu, nori flakes and it’s all wrapped in green soy paper. The yellowtail fish was so fresh and the truffled yuzu exploded with flavor in your mouth it gave the roll a great complexity in flavor. In addition, the nori flakes and yuzu gave a variety in texture to the already flavorful roll. I fell in love with this roll in the first bite, I’m a sucker for anything truffled and this did not disappoint.

My date had their wedge salad. I personally wasn’t going to waste my time (or appetite) on a salad when there was so much food to eat, so I didn’t try it. The salad consisted of baby iceberg lettuce, ginger dressing and thinly sliced radishes. Although out of all the dishes that were had, this one seemed like the only one that didn’t have any pop or surprises. In-between bites, he mentioned the salad was very good and the dressing was light and creamy.

My next post will cover the rest of this dinner. We ate like true fatasses and I'm so proud of that. I will however say that this restaurant is a winner in my book. From the great music and fun vibe to unique food. Stay tuned.

Restaurant Details:
Pubbelly Sushi
1424 20th st.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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  1. Saw your on Instagram and decided to take an adventure down there from Coral Springs! The drive was beyond worth it. We started with the edamame which was average but had an extra little something with that BBQ rock salt. Also, the Goat Butter toast with the truffle oil was the best piece of bread I think I've ever eaten! The Yellow tail roll was as amazing as you described, if not better. We also tried the Bigeye tuna roll, salmon roll, and Snow Crab roll which had us floating a cloud about sushi heaven! Thanks for the recommendation! :)