Pubbelly Sushi brings funkdified sushi to SOBE: PART 2

October 26, 2011

As promised, here is the second half of my Pubbelly Sushi review. As mentioned in the last post, when I went to this restaurant we ordered so much food it was almost embarrassing. Since my date and I had such a gluttonous amount of food, I decided to break up the review into two different posts. I’m going to pick up exactly where the last post left off.

After the Wedge Salad, we decided to try their BBQ Short ribs and Pork Belly. The short ribs are served with a nashi pear remoulade and were great. The flavor was fresh and different from any short ribs I’ve had in recent memory. The Pork Belly though, I completely fell in love with. The pork belly is seasoned with orange peels and tobanjan and was cooked perfectly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. The pork belly is skewered for hand held ease. I loved the tiny hint of orange flavor that went along with the saltiness of the pork belly and the tobanjan. After all of this food I was left wondering how I could have a wheelbarrow delivered to the restaurant so I could be carried out to my car.

The next roll we ordered was the Wagyu Beef roll. This roll consists of Wagyu beef tartare, gochujang, mustard, avocado, sesame with a poached egg on the side. This was probably my least favorite dish out of the 200 dishes we had. There was a lot going on flavor-wise and the flavor of the beef is completely lost in my opinion. When you first bite into the roll you taste a slight sweetness from the avocado and then the spiciness from the gochujang and mustard kicks you in the back of the throat like a Jackie Chan sequel. The poached egg that came alongside this roll didn’t seem poached at all and in all honesty seemed completely raw. None the less, this may have been the least favorite out of the milieu of plates we had, it was still better than most of the sushi out in the rest of the community.

If that wasn’t enough food, my date also dug into two New England style rolls. First he had the rockshrimp roll, which is tempura rock shrimp tossed in spicy mayo and served on a homemade toasted bun. He seemed very happy with his roll; he said the bun was perfectly toasted and slightly buttery. Then, he had their spicy tuna roll which is thinly sliced spicy tuna, scallions, and frites on the toasted bun. The tuna was very fresh but according to my date, he did mumble that he would have the rock shrimp roll any day of the week over the tuna roll. I’m guessing these two rolls were very good overall; he didn’t really talk much and just kept nodding his head while he was inhaling them.

We couldn’t leave without having dessert though, even though we were on the verge of having our stomachs burst. The restaurant doesn’t have a printed dessert menu and all of the desserts are written on chalkboard over the bar. We decided to try their Mochi ice cream. You can never go wrong with mochi; Pubbelly Sushi offers three types of mochi, green tea, passion fruit and red kidney bean. Mochi ice cream is a Japanese confection that boils down to a rice paste filled with ice cream. It’s handheld, no mess ice cream. The passion fruit flavor was by far my favorite. Mochi isn’t exactly a unique dessert, but it was good either way.

If one dessert wasn’t enough, we ordered their Green Tea Parfait. This parfait was great and original, from the bottom layer of Mango, to the mascarpone cheese to the green tea cookie crumble over the top; there was no bad bite to be had. The texture was reminiscent to that of a key lime pie, but the flavor was completely refreshing. The green tea crumble over the top was fun and crunchy in contrast to the creamy and soothing texture of the mango and mascarpone. The presentation of this dish was also very neat; it’s served in a cute jar that my date was quick to break. When our waiter asked who broke the jar, I didn’t hesitate in driving that bus straight over him and pointing directly at him. Yea, I threw his ass under the bus and would do it again in a heartbeat.

This place was not only inventive in their presentation of each plate but in their signature twists on each dish. I loved the contrast in flavors and textures. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to this place in a moment’s notice and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and different sushi restaurant. Things to keep in mind is that this place does NOT take reservations and that this place is basically located on Purdy ave (in other words, parking is a raging bitch). I also really liked the graffiti on the walls, the outfits the staff wears and the music this place has playing. Fun place all around.

Restaurant Details:
Pubbelly Sushi
1424 20th st.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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