:CLOSED: A New Ice Cream Truck is in the Haus!

November 18, 2011

There is a new food truck in town, or should I say there are 100 new food trucks in town? One in particular just opened up this past week during the Wynwood Artwalk. Coolhaus is an aluminum wrapped truck offering straight up homemade ice cream sandwiches. This isn’t your regular ice cream sandwich either, with ice cream flavors such as, balsamic fig with mascarpone and brown butter with candied bacon there is nothing usual about this truck’s offerings. The way the operation runs, you have an unlimited amount of options. You choose your own cookies, your own ice cream filling or if you want to go balls to the wall and get an ice cream sandwich skyscraper consisting of 6 cookies and 5 scoops of ice cream. The company, which originated in Los Angeles, has expanded its horizons and set up trucks in New York, Los Angeles, Austin and Miami.
I had been feverishly stalking this truck on Twitter for several weeks and I was finally able to make my attack one day on the way home from work. I walked up to the truck and was greeted by a very helpful and mellow girl who was able to give me a run down on the company and all the funky flavors this truck has to offer. She was also kind enough to let me sample a couple of flavors. After reviewing the menu, I decided to make my self a sammy consisting of their brown butter with candied bacon ice cream in between 2 potato chip with skor bar (toffee) cookies. “Holy shit!” were the only words that seemed to come out of my mouth for the first few bites. The ice cream with the candied bacon worked great all on it’s own, the subtle flavor of the brown butter ice cream with the candied bacon had a tiny hint of salty and smoky that worked really well. Throw in the sharp flavor of the toffee and saltiness from the cookie, it just worked perfectly together. The best part was the cookie comes in an edible wrapper that you can eat as you go. The fun part is telling you friends afterwards, “It was so good I ate the damn wrapper,” but careful, if your friends are anything like my friends, they’ll just look at you and call you a dumbass.
Before calling it a day, I sampled a couple of flavors. I tried their dirty mint chip ice cream. The reason it has the name ‘dirty’ is because the ice cream has specks of brown sugar and fresh mint leaves. This ice cream was the most refreshing ice cream I had ever had. Throw in a couple shots of Bacardi and you’ve got yourself a mojito milkshake. The fresh mint leaves in the ice cream completely redefined the expectation of mint chocolate chip ice cream for me. I really loved this ice cream and really wish I had a flask of rum handy. Luckily, there’s always next time.
The last ice cream flavor I tried was their sweet potato and marshmallow swirl ice cream. It tasted like a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. The flavor of both the sweet potato and real marshmallows shined through harmoniously. The best part is, I was informed that they use fresh ingredients for all of their cookies and ice creams and they are all handmade in house.
I walked away from this truck wanting to try all of the flavors they have to offer, but in an attempt to avoid a diabetic coma I forced myself to back away slowly. In a food truck scene that’s become inundated with burgers, fritas, and french fries , it’s nice to see a truck come in with a fresh and different concept offering homemade sweets.
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