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November 13, 2011

I had been passing by Metro Organic Bistro for almost three years now whenever I drove down Biscayne Blvd. I was always intrigued by this little place, covered in shrubs, bushes and a hint of mystery. I had never really heard much about it, but I decided to just pull in and try it out. I noticed as I pulled in there is a car wash directly attached to the bistro, which turns out to be owned by the same person. So this was a novel idea, get a nice organic meal while your car gets washed and detailed. I decided to throw caution to the wind and just give it a try.

The weather was really nice so I decided to sit outside on their couch. The tablescapes are clean, white and simple with just a tiny bit of color from a handful of fresh daisies in a small vase. My waiter was friendly and took the time to explain the menu since I was a newbie. He stated the restaurant prides itself in being 100% sustainable and organic. I liked the concept and decided to look over the menu. The menu had a variety of different options from carpaccio to organic asian slaw. I also noticed the restaurant offers a lot of vegetarian friendly fare.

I decided to go vegetarian for a meal and I started out with their Truffled Polenta as my appetizer. When the dish was set down on the table I had to fight the urge to tell the waiter, “No no, I asked for polenta, not jello!” The polenta looked like it had just been plopped out of a mold. Worst part was that the dish was almost cold. It was a complete shame because the flavor was spot on. The polenta had the perfect amount of salt, pepper and truffle oil. The freshly chopped parsley over the top was also a nice touch. The only thing the polenta was missing was a little bit of water and a few more seconds in the microwave. This dish left me with mixed feelings and begrudgingly, I moved on to my entrée.

My entrée was their Sprouted Chickpea Cakes. The cakes came stacked high with fresh avocado, butter beans, tomatoes, onions, tossed in a lemon vinaigrette. This dish was insanely flavorful. I loved the butter beans and they worked perfectly with the rest of the plate. The avocados were fresh and the lemon vinaigrette gave the dish an extra little, ‘zing!“ In a city where I constantly keep running into bland food, the seasoning was on the money on both of the dishes I had. My only gripe was that the chickpea cake was room temperature and obviously not cooked to order. Again I was left feeling almost bittersweet.

Although the flavor and seasoning on both of my dishes was perfect, it was disheartening that both dishes were almost cold. I really want to like this place, there’s a great potential at this little hole in the wall bistro. If only they could get their crap together and heat their food to an acceptable minimum. Or even cook the food to order, that’s a novel idea that no one has ever thought of. After I left the restaurant and started looking up more information on it, I found out that Metro Organic Bistro won 2011’s ‘Best Natural Foods Restaurant’ in the Miami New Times Best Of list. This is a place with a lot of potential and a lot to offer, but it still has some work to do in my opinion

Restaurant Details:
Metro Organic Bistro
(305) 751-8756
7010 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33138

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