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December 29, 2011

My laptop has been broken for about a month now and my posts have definitely been lacking this month as a result. When presented with the idea of an interview on my take of my experience at Oh! Sushi by the awesome Alex Rodriguez, I was thrilled. This new restaurant was so much fun and the food was so good that I had been dying to write about it. The opportunity to stand on a much larger soap box and get the word out to more people about this place was one that couldn't be passed up. That said, here is the link to the post in Miami New Times' Short Order:


In this post, I'll simply elaborate on some noteworthy dishes that didn't make the cut of the article and post pictures about the dishes that did. Fair enough? So here's the pictures and tidbits of what DID make the cut:

The Ika Sansai salad: 

The Salmon Fingers:

Soft Maki roll is the center roll: (The neon green roll on the left is the Crunch Maki roll filled with tuna, kimchee, tempura, capelin roe and chive wrapped in rice paper. The Kimchee gave this roll a nice kick. The roll on the right is the Crazy Uramaki roll and it consists of prawn tempura, tuna, chives, sesame seeds and spicy sauce. I'm allergic to all things prawn/shrimp like so luckily for my friend, I didn't have any. For her this was her favorite roll.) 


Now onto the stuff that didn't make the cut. The restaurant offers Japanese beers and sodas, my friend decided to be adventurous and try a Ramune soda. The flavor of the soda was sweet and different, but what made this noteworthy was the pain in the ass hassle you have to go through to open the damn thing. Don't believe me? Well go to youtube, there are tons of people posting videos on how to open a bottle. This video depicted our frustration well : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ3nlKuNJGg Luckily, the waitresses were eager to help us open the bottle. 

I had their home brewed green tea that comes with slices of fresh green apples. Crisp and very light, I'm not usually a fan of green tea, but I really enjoyed this. 

Also wanted to mention the dessert I had was so simple yet so delicious. Oh! Sushi has concocted the Nutella Maki roll; a banana tempura and nutella filled sushi roll (wait for it...) with a baileys irish cream dipping sauce. This was absolutely delicious and when we were done, I grabbed the bowl of baileys dipping sauce and drank it straight up when no one was looking... don't judge me. 

Something else that is noteworthy is the fact that Oh! Sushi also acts as a mini asian market. They have a corner of the store stocked with all sorts of Asian goodies and sweets that aren't available in normal markets. 

I genuinely enjoyed this place; the fun and vibrant colors, the helpful staff and the freshness of the food were all great. The restaurant is a casual place selling fresh and great sushi in Doral, definitely not where you'd expect to find this place but definitely worth the drive. 

Restaurant Details:
Oh! Sushi
(305) 629-8442
9036 NW 25th ST
Doral, FL 33172

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