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May 25, 2012

The guys at the Gypsy Kitchen food truck are a peculiar yet dynamic duo. They’re reminiscent of Abbott and Costello, Ron Burgundy and Brian Fantana, or Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro. Their truck is just as peculiar as they are; for one, they do not have a set menu. Two, they bicker like an old married couple (in a cute yet comical way). And three, they do NOT serve tacos or burgers and if you need a reminder there's a sign posted on their window that boasts this fact.

What kind of food do they serve, you ask? Well their food is primarily Indian inspired with a little Latino flare. They try to focus on what ingredients are locally available in the community. They’re not officially sustainable, but they get as many ingredients as possible from local farms and vendors. This leads to a menu that tends to change and is usually offering some sort of daily chef inspired special.

I’ve had several dishes off this truck and haven’t found one that I didn’t like. To start, I’d like to talk about their balls… their curry rice balls you pervs. Their Ridiculously Rockin Rice Ballz as they modestly called them are indeed ridiculously rockin. These rice fritters are made with curry spices, yogurt, cheddar cheese, onions, cilantro and chick pea flour and they’re served with an awesome cilantro/garlic yogurt sauce. They’re completely vegetarian friendly and delicious. The rice lends itself nicely to this concoction and what you end up with is a piping hot fritter that is crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Flavor-wise the curry pops in your mouth and is instantly cooled with the garlic yogurt dipping sauce. It’s also particularly nice if you’re looking for something small at the food-truck rallies or something you can share with friends.

If you’re a fan of pan con lechon (and what self respecting Cuban isn’t?!) I urge you to try Gypsy Kitchen’s Jammin Jerk Pork sandwich. It consists of braised pork shoulder in jerk seasoning, cheese, tamarind slaw and an over-medium fried egg on Cuban bread. This is a big ass sandwich that packs a giant punch. It can be spicy as hell at times but it’s delicious. The tamarind slaw is slightly sweet and goes well with the spiciness from the jerk pork. This sandwich is a deal breaker and is too big if you’re planning on having little bites here and there, but I assure you it is totally worth it.

Lastly, I’ve had their Maharaja Chicken. This pita-esque sandwich consists of tandoori spiced chicken, Bombay slaw, roasted garlic, cilantro raita on naan bread. I’m not sure what half of the ingredients mean, but what I do know is that together they make a delicious sandwich. It’s smaller than the Jammin Jerk Pork but almost just as filling. The cilantro raita and roasted garlic go great together and simply highlight the seasoning of the chicken. The naan bread is reminiscent of a pita, but in my opinion softer and much more flavorful. Definitely another must have at this truck.

They have other items on their menu that I have yet to try but am definitely planning on making my way through their entire menu. This gourmet food truck has also partnered up with Lester’s in Wynwood to host a monthly Wynwood Supper Club, where for a flat fee this dynamic duo cooks up a 4-5 course pairing dinner that is typically paired with beers or wine. If you’re lucky enough to catch this elusive truck, be sure to give them a try and drink their imported mango juice. According to the Indian (as he refers to himself) he has their mango juice especially smuggled into the country in camel humps and stolen Cessna planes. This truck is true to what a ‘gourmet food truck’ is supposed to be and they proudly boast that.

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