October 31, 2012

Most people love burgers and I am most definitely one of them. I love all types of burgers, spicy, cheesy, loaded with weird ingredients, or plain jane burgers. You just can't go wrong. So when I was approached to be a judge for the upcoming Burgerlicious event, I was not only excited, I went ahead and scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist. The Burgerlicious event is put on by the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce and kicks off Miami Live Music Month.

Cheeseburger from 

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Porkless Soul Food at South Street - CLOSED

October 23, 2012

Last night my best friend and I decided to check out one of the many restaurants on my list. We decided to try out South Street in the old Sra. Martinez space. South Street comes from the same peeps that brought us Gigi and Cooper Ave, so expectations were relatively high. We walked into what felt like a 70’s lounge. Hip-hop and jazz played on the stereo and we were greeted by our very friendly waitress, Rosely. One quick glance at the menu and I couldn’t help but be reminded of Yardbird. However, South Street promises southern soul food, which we all know is totally different from just regular southern food, right? One thing that Rosely did mention was that there is no pork on the menu… QUE QUE?! I damn near had an aneurism when she said that... I mean how can you call yourself a soul food restaurant without pulled pork? Ham hocks? chitterlings?  What is in your collard greens if it ain’t BACON?! I took a few deep breaths and got a hold of myself. 

Eat At These Places If You Love TETAS!

October 3, 2012

I know most people think about Halloween when they think about the month of October, but what some don't know is that October is also all about Breast Cancer Awareness! Several South Florida restaurants are doing their part and donating proceeds to breast cancer organizations throughout month. If you like healthy boobs (or boobs in general for that matter), then be sure to check out these local vendors that are donating proceeds to the cause!

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