A Year In Miami Food

December 31, 2012

So 2013 is within reach and so far we've survived a presidential election, a Superstorm Hurricane, Michael Phelps' (and his freakishly long torso) last swim in the Summer Olympics and the Mayans (unless they're running on Miami time, then we're all screwed). This was a busy year for America and on a local level, South Florida was busy as well. People throughout South Florida stood in voting lines for hours showing their commitment to democracy. After the Summer Olympics everyone and their abuela either knew Dannell Leyva personally or was friends with his cousin, ex-boyfriend girlfriend or high school classmate. Florida gained its first EVER openly gay politician when Miami Beach voted in David Richardson to a House seat. The Miami Heat won the championship leading to impromptu street parties from Hialeah to Calle Ocho. Many people dusted off their casuelas and took to the streets (myself included) in a prideful celebration that lasted until the early morning cops showed up. Last (but most definitely not least) are the Miami parody videos that everyone could relate to; Sh*t Miami Girls Say (part 1 and 2) were a hysterical hit that had people quoting them for months to come, “What's your cheapest pink wine?”

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