FGH Turns 2, Time To Celebrate With A Giveaway!

May 28, 2013

Two years ago I started something that has taken a life of its own. I started my blog very naively after some encouraging from a couple of friends and a desperate need for a hobby. I had no idea what I was doing and quite frankly, I still don't. I knew nothing about the local blog scene (hell, I didn't even know what a 'blog scene' was) and it's (at times) ugly under belly. I didn't even know what a food blogger was. Like I said, I didn't know anything. I remember being told the name, Fatgirl Hedonist, was awful and I remember telling those people, "Fuck you, I like it. #PLP" All I did know was that I liked checking out new restaurants, I liked to write sometimes and I always tried to treat people the way I wanted to be treated. Most importantly, I knew that for better or worse you can take a girl out of Hialeah, but you can NEVER take the Hialeah out of the girl.

Big M.E.A.T. In The Florida Keys

May 26, 2013

I had my first taste of MEAT at Burger Beast's Frita Feast. MEAT's frita was really tasty and different, so I knew I had to get more 411 on this place. I called up a couple of girlfriends and planned a day trip to the keys with MEAT being the lunch stop for the day. We made our way down and once we got there (according to Google Maps) we couldn't find it. I even called the restaurant and the woman that answered the phone asked me, "Are you blind?! We're right here! There's no way you can miss us!" She insisted there was a huge sign near the road that we couldn't see for the life of us. Suffice to say, the lady on the other end of the phone was borderline rude abrasive. We finally figured out that the restaurant is actually across the street and about half a block north from where Google says it is.

Pop-Up Cooking Classes At Edge And Their Cheesy Beer Bread Recipe

May 21, 2013

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending one of Edge Steak & Bar's monthly pop-up cooking classes. Not only are these classes a boozey great time, they are extremely informative. The class I attended was their Brews & Bites edition and we learned how to cook with beer. We got to make six different dishes using beer; everything from a cocktail to dessert all while hanging out at the hotel's terrace. It was fan-fuckin-tastic. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Edge is by far one of my favorite restaurants in the Brickell area. Not only is their service great, but every time I've been their the food has been delicious.

Macy's Culinary Council Hosts A Cooking Demonstration By Michelle Bernstein

May 11, 2013

Last week I mentioned how Macy's is kicking off their summer with their American Icons campaign. In conjunction, the Macy's Culinary Council is kicking off cooking demonstrations across the US. Our first demonstration here in the 305 is by none other than Miami's own Mrs. Michelle Bernstein. It's happening May 23, 2013 at the Aventura Macy's Home Store. Don't know who she is? Well you best recognize. Michelle is the person behind the restaurants Michy's and Crumb on Parchment. Mrs. Bernstein is the host of Check, Please! South Fl. She's also known for kicking Bobby Flay's ass on Iron Chef back in 2005 and if that isn't enough, she is a 2007 James Beard Award winning chef (it's like an Oscar award for chefs).
Photo from sun-sentinel.com

How I became FatgirlHedonist

May 9, 2013

Most people on the interwebs know me as Fatgirl Hedonist. I write a relatively anonymous/incognito blog about gluttony and restaurants in South Florida with a whole lot of Miami Spanglish tossed in. Most of the people that follow my blog or my instagram feed do not know what I look like. So when people who know me as FGH meet me in person for the first time they typically say, “You’re not fat!” And this look of sadness sets in their eyes like I just killed their puppy. I attribute this to my physical appearance not meet people’s preconceived expectations of what “Fatgirl Hedonist” looks like. So the question immediately after their initial statement is usually, “How did you come up with the name for your blog?” The answer to that is easy, “Once a fatgirl always a fatgirl.” The hedonist part comes from that almost orgasmic pleasure that comes from a delicious (and usually fattening) plate of food. Be it a gooey mac and cheese, a juicy cheeseburger or a decadent french pastry.

Burger Battle And Your Chance To Win A $100 Giftcard To Macy's!

May 8, 2013

Summer is inching closer and that means, Macy's is about to launch it's summer series of fun events! This year, Macy's is exploring good ol' Americana with it's American Icons campaign. This campaign is going to explore and celebrate everything from snoozefest baseball & American fashion designers to reaching second base at drive-in movie theatres.
On May 16 this campaign is having its official launch party at the Macy's Homestore (aka the one with the men's section) in Aventura Mall. At this launch party there's going to be a hamburger battle between two local (and loved) burger joints: The Filling Station and Sparky’s Roadside Barbeque. This will definitely be a tough match, so I'm personally excited to see what both restaurants cook up. The party starts at 6pm and runs til 8pm. During the showdown you can enjoy live blues by One Man Bands.