Delices De France Makes Me Want To Rap

June 5, 2013

I like french pastries and I can not lie. You other brothers can't deny, that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty crepe and round thing called a Beignet, you get SPRUNG. Wanna pull out your camera 'cause you noticed that eclair was stuffed. Deep in the apron she's wearing, I'm hooked and I can't stop staring. Oh baby I wanna get with ya and take a food picture...

Ok, ok you get my point. Sir Mix-A-Lot aside, I really do love french pastries. It was about a little over a year ago when I first discovered Delices De France. I was driving down US1 on my way home from a baby shower and I saw a small, unassuming sign that read “French Bakery.” I made a hard right into the shopping plaza, almost causing an accident and nearly taking out an abuelita in her wheelchair. I fell in love and ever since, I make it a point to stop every time I'm in the neighborhood.

The bakery bakes their own bread daily with their selection including white mountain loaf, olive bread, farmer's bread, sweet and savory brioche, ciabatta and french baguette (duh). They offer a small selection of sandwiches on your choice of bread and they serve up a secretly blended coffee. I say 'secretly' because when asked what type of coffee they use, I was told in a snooty French accent by the cashier, “It is a secret blend selected by the owner.” C'est la vie. The main attraction at this place (for me) is their large selection of croissants and pastries.

Their croissants come plain or stuffed with a variety of fillings. The dough on these bad boys is fluffy, buttery and flaky. Just great. The fllings offered include chocolate, almond, guava, almond and chocolate and ham and cheese. They're all made in-house daily. My personal favorite is the guava which uses a real slab of guava paste. In my opinion, the guava croissant embodies the perfect marriage between Paris and Miami.

They make delicate cookie sandwiches filled with jam that are fuhmazing. They come covered in powdered sugar so they're messy as hell. By the time you're done eating one you'll be covered in powdered sugar and looking like Lindsay Lohan on a Saturday night. My personal favorite are the ones filled with raspberry jam

Their sweet brioche comes topped with sugar and is perfect all by itself. The crust is buttery and so pretty you almost don't want to eat it, but fuck that I'm HONGRY. The inside is warm and melt in your mouth good. The sugar over the top gives it an added little crunch.


It's not a real visit to a French bakery until you've had some mousse. I am in love with their Ebony & Ivory Mousse Croquant. It's tall, dark and delicious like my men. This small piece of delicious is both white chocolate and milk chocolate mousse with thin slices of cake separating the mousse. It's then covered in chocolate ganache and topped with little pearls for varying texture. This was rich, creamy, crunchy and fanfuckintastical all in one. I could have easily eaten five of these and called it dinner.
In addition to their Ebony & Ivory concoction, I've also had their passion fruit and chocolate mousse. I was a bit hesitant about this flavor combination. Don't get me wrong, I love passion fruit and I love chocolate, but together? IDK about all that. Turns out it was pretty magical. Passion fruit mousse and cake on the outside with a creamy, dark chocolaty center. The richness of the chocolate really went well with the tartness from the passion fruit. 
 Their éclair. Oh that éclair... Just deliciously simple. Fresh choux pastry stuffed with creamy custard and topped with chocolate. I deep throated inhaled this log from heaven in two big bites #ThatsWhatSheSaid 

They also offer a couple of different house-made quiches for those looking for something on the savory side and not fancying a sandwich. I've had their Quiche Lorraine that has been made with swiss cheese and ham. It's not the best quiche I've ever had, but it gets the job done. It's meh. The flavor of the cheese is lost amongst the ham, egg and pastry.

In addition to their small personal size pastries, this place also sells large tarts, pies and mousse cakes. I suppose these are meant for sharing, but they just look like regular FGH sized portions to me. All beautiful and freshly made.
So my suggestion? Stick to their pastries and breads. This place is small and almost always packed, but service is typically quick. If you're looking for a French pastry fix, then get in the car and drive to BFE, I promise it will be worth it! In addition to the pastries shown here they also sell crème caramel (flan), Crème brulee and AMAZING fruit tarts. 


Restaurant Details:
Delices De France
(305) 256-9700
14453 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, FL 33176

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  1. Sir Mix-A-Lot would be so proud......or jealous! That rap was dope!!! And those treats look so tantalizing.