California Dreamin: Manhattan Beach Post and Manhattan Beach Creamery

July 9, 2013

Our first stop in our California Adventure was brunch at M.B. Post. Trying to find a restaurant that five people can agree on is no easy task, but Manhattan Beach Post left all of us with full stomachs and happy faces. The restaurant looks like a modern cabin and the food is served family/tapas style.

We started off with a bunch of breads & sweets. We got their Bacon Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits (naturally) and they were fan-fuckin-tastical. The biscuits come served with Maple Butter and somehow that butter ended up on every single dish we tried, just fuhmazing. We tried their sticky bun that comes topped with pecans and brown sugar #SkeetSkeet. Just wow (especially with some of that maple butter slathered on it). We also got some Weiser Farm Potatoes served with fried sage and homemade lemon buttermilk ranch dressing.

Bacon Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits with Maple Butter

sticky bun

Weiser Farm Potatoes

We then moved onto our individual dishes. I had their eggs benedict that comes on one of those orgasmic bacon cheddar biscuits with prosciutto, arugula, poached egg and hollandaise. It was tasty, delicious and not overly filling. I personally loved it.

Some of the dishes my friends got included the Chimichanga, Corned Beef Cheek Hash and the Steak with sunny side-up egg. The corned beef cheek has was really tasty and that sunny side up egg was perfectly cooked. So pretty it almost hurt cutting into it. I didn't try the chimichanga, but my friend assured me it was delicious. I have no picture of the Steak with Sunny Side Up Egg, but my friend stated he felt it was under-seasoned and missing 'something.'
Corned Beef Cheek Hash
Definitely recommend checking this place out if you're visiting Los Angeles, but be sure to make a reservation ahead of time. It's worth the parking nightmare in Manhattan Beach. _________________________________
Restaurant Details:
M.B. Post
(310) 545-5405
1142 Manhattan Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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We all decided to walk off our brunch feast and walk down to the pier. On our way back, we figured it was about time for dessert. We stopped inside the Manhattan Beach Creamery, a cute confection and bakeshop located just down the street from M.B. Post. The staff consisted mostly of teenage girls, but all surprisingly attentive, nice and helpful.

We sampled a few of the different ice cream flavors. The churro, salted caramel and maple bacon ice cream flavors were my favorites. I decided on a cup of maple bacon ice cream. The ice cream's flavor wasn't an in-yo-face bacon flavor, but rather a slightly smokey and sweet flavor that paired well together.

I also noticed that had a bunch of fancily decorated cupcakes on display, all made in-house. I ended up getting a beer and pretzel cupcake for my impending midnight snack. My cupcake was good, not great. The ornate chocolate decoration and the frosting were my favorite part. The cake didn't have any stand-out flavor. 

Would I come here again? Yes, but only if I was walking around in Manhattan Beach. I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way or make a special trip to just come here.
Restaurant Details:
Manhattan Beach Creamery
(310) 372-1155
1120 Manhattan Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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