Bar Crudo Brings Raw Deliciousness to SoFi With A Sprinkle Of Autism Awareness

August 27, 2013

I first mentioned Bar Crudo many moons ago when the folks behind Lee & Maries Cakery had big dreams to open a seafood restaurant next door to their blossoming bakery. Over a year later and Bar Crudo is finally here bringing very needed quality seafood to SoFi at reasonable prices. Much like Lee & Marie's, the team at Bar Crudo plans to employ adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and bring awareness to the surrounding community about Autism. The restaurant has a cool fifties vibe with a laid back feel. Seriously, the place is, like, SUPER cute.

The menu is set up tapas style, but focuses primarily on quality ingredients and fresh fish. They offer daily specials and a very nice cocktail list. Some cocktail options include a pineapple and ginger mojito, grapefruit caipirinha, chai and rye martini amongst others. I started off my night with their strawberry and basil lemonade. It's made with fresh muddled strawberries, fresh thai basil, lemon and vodka. The presentation was nostalgic of childhood summer fun; it reminded me of the days when I'd bust my ass on the slip-n-slide under the carport #HialeahSummers. The refreshing flavor is dangerously deceptive, a couple of these will leave you drunk off your culo in no time.

We started just ordering pretty much half the menu. First dish we got was one of their daily specials: raw salmon topped with pineapple, radishes and a sprinkle of minced red pepper. The fish was delicate and melted in your mouth like buttah. The pineapple and red pepper gave the salmon a nice sweet and spicy twist that all seemed to twerk all over my tongue in delight.

We moved right along to a beautiful yellowfin tuna dish that was served with yuzu, a sprinkling of black sea salt and garnished with popcorn shoots. Another delicious raw dish. The real treat laid in making sure to get a little bit of everything in each bite to really get the full experience.

We figured we'd had way too much protein and decided to get a couple of orders of crostini. We got a few of the tomato, ricotta and prosciutto crostini. This is a classic combination that you can't go wring with it. We also got their crositini special of the day, which I interpreted as a take on a Cuban sandwich. It consisted of a crositini topped with diced cornichons, mustard, pecorino cheese, bresola and popcorn shoots. Both were amazeballs and worth checking out if you're in need of some carbs to soak up the booze in their cocktails.


We kept it moving and got ourselves some Hamachi that comes with a sprinkling of chorizo seasoning, avocado puree and garnished with popcorn shoots. The paprika and smokiness from the seasoning gave the fresh fish a nice little kick. This got a thumbs-up and luckily no one lost an eye while trying to scramble for the last bite.
I decided to try out the octopus dish that comes with cubed sweet potato, edamame and rosemary. The octopus is cooked sous-vide, giving it an almost creamy texture. Very funky, but the combination of ingredients work in a complimentary manner to one another. If I had to rate this, I would probably say this was one of my lesser faves of the night.
It was time for a refill on ma drank and I decided to try their Lavender Martini. Made with Crème De Violette, Lavender infused vodka and Cocchi Americano (aperitif wine). All sorts of flavorful, delicate and fragrant. Seriously, I was almost tempted to dab some on my wrist and neck but how andrajosa would that have looked? Plus, I wasn't about to waste a drop of delicious alcohol like that #MyMamaAintRaiseNoFool.
We moved onto a burrata ensalada. Now a days, it seems like everyone and their mama is doing burrata salads. This one has a nice addition of avocado puree that goes perfectly with the tomato, cheese, basil and balsamic reduction. I loved it, but then again I love all sorts of cheese in excessive quantities.

Our last savory dish of the night was a smoked black tea beef carpaccio with a pickled veggie salad. The presentation is definitely impressive with a plume of smoke emanating from the dish #SuperFancy. The meat itself has been infused and smoked with black tea so it smells like tea and tastes like a dead cow. Serious sensory confusion going on, but oh so yummy.

We gladly moved right along into dessert and we had all of them #SinPena.  We started off with their take on a deconstructed pistachio panna cotta.  Much like with their savory dishes, you had to get a little bit of everything in one bite to enjoy the full experience. By far my favorite dessert of the night. We then tried their compressed watermelon, strawberry with feta cheese gelato, my least favorite of the three. Mostly because, I like my desserts to be gluttonous, covered in shame, dipped in degradation and drenched with calories. If you prefer a light, refreshing and fruity dessert, then this is up your alley. Lastly we had their chocolate 3 ways dessert, very rich and delicious. It offers semi sweet, bitter and milk chocolate all on one plate: a must for chocolate aficionados. Seriously, almost stabbed someone in the face for the last bite.

Panna Cotta


I typically try to visit a place more than once before writing a post, but since I ate half the menu on this visit I felt comfortable writing about it. Much like Lee & Marie's, the ultimate lure for me is the fact that this place is advocating for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A disorder with such a high prevalence yet has almost no services catering to it in South Florida. What will keep people wanting to come back is the deliciously fresh food and great cocktail line-up. This place feels like a chill, hang-out/lounge with great and fairly priced seafood. Something that is definitely missing from the Miami Beach and So-Fi dining scenes. They've employed the term, "Modern Coastal Cuisine," to describe their food and it's very fitting. Plans for a happy cocktail hour are in the works and will hopefully be launched soon.

Restaurant Details:
Bar Crudo
40 South Pointe Drive
Miami Beach, Fl 33139
305 736 8508

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