Headed To The IFBC In Seattle And I Need Your HELP!

September 6, 2013

I've never held back the fact that I started a food blog rather blindly without knowing anything about the "blogging world." So when I saw that Foodista was having their International Food Blogger Conference I was like, "That would be kind of cool." Then, I saw the conference is happening in Seattle, WA and my interest was heightened and I thought, "I WANNA GO TO SEATTLE!" So I'm going mostly because I want to check out Seattle, Washington's forestry and all the coffee I can consume in 4 days.

Lets face it, I'm two cortaditos away from cooking up some crushed coffee beans and mainlining it into my carotid. So Seattle being the Mecca of coffee in the US, I'm pretty much planning on being hopped up on caffeine my entire time there. The question is now, what coffee places should I hit up? Which ones are a must? No seriously, I'm asking you! If you've ever been to Seattle, what are the best coffee shops?

What are the best non-food things to sights in the Seattle area? This goes for things in and outside of the city. Any great parks? I've already heard about the Seattle Gum Wall and have bought a pack of strawberry bubblicious for it. Anything other than the space needle and Pike Place I should check out?
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Lastly, What do I need to EAT in Seattle? Now this is the really important part. What are the best hole-in-the-walls restaurants? Where's the best bakery? Who's got the best burger?! Where's the best pizza? Tell me! I have to know!

So I am begging for your help! If you've ever been to Seattle, please leave a comment on this post with suggestions, restaurant recommendations, whatever you've got!


  1. A few coffee favorites:

    Caffe Umbria

  2. Looking forward to saying "Hiya" at IFBC. As to coffee - every local has their favorite and I'm not exception. My favorite roaster is Lighthouse - served at many independent shops or at the source perched above the Fremont area in North Seattle. As to what to eat ... ho-boy! pick a neighborhood and graze! My favorite is Ballard and Ballard Avenue but you know what? there are so many great restaurants and neighborhoods even the locals don't get to them all...

  3. Your instagram photo's make me drool every time! :) I am from Olympia and will be at the IFBC too! I am excited to meet you. I am a Starbucks girl through and through but many don't like it. The very first Starbucks is across the street from Pikes Place Market. It's always fun to stop in there and say you were there. I have heard (but never been) to the restaurants on the same side of the street as Starbucks. My personal favorite place is the Crab Pot down on the waterfront. They dump a pile of clams, crab, mussels, corn, potatoes, and kielbasa in the middle of your table. It is so good! Also very yummy bread. Just a warning though...I am not the adventurous type like you are so that might seem pretty boring. :)

  4. I went on a great food tour in Seattle with Savor Seattle when I visited in 2010. I'd also recommend going to Kerry Park in the Queen Anne neighborhood for great photo ops of the Seattle skyline.