Cuban Mocha Cake Recipe

May 27, 2014

What's better than chocolate cake? Chocolate cake with coffee in it. What's better than chocolate cake with coffee in it? Chocolate cake with an entire colada baked into it. This cake should fix your sweet craving and your caffeine fix all in one bite.

Firehook Bakery In DC: I Fell In Love In 48 Hours

May 18, 2014

I went to DC for the weekend, 48 hours to be exact. In that short time I hit up several restaurants and somehow managed to find myself at Firehook Bakery a total of 3 times. I stumbled upon the bakery on my way to the hotel as it was conveniently located 1/2 a block away on Dupont Circle. The next morning, I decided to stop by and take a look inside. What I found was loaves of various freshly baked bread lining the walls behind the counter, dozens of glistening pastries and the strong smell of fresh coffee. My mouth immediately began to water and a single thought popped into my mind, "Pero, like. I need to try ALL OF THE THINGS."

Guava and Cheese Pop Tarts Recipe?! YES PLEASE!

May 14, 2014

What happens when you're craving a pastelito de guayaba y queso and you're also craving a fresh, warm pop tart? You end up with guava and cheese pop tarts. The best of Cuban and American worlds. As a second generation immigrant, many times I find myself craving mom's cooking or craving some American comfort food. Either or, never both. So when rare opportunities to marry both cuisines occur, I jump at the chance.

Win tickets for 2 to check out Miami Culinary Tours in Little Havana!

May 5, 2014

Little Havana is a strip of land us locals often taken for granted. We know there's history there, but not many of us actually take the time to walk around and soak in the historical value of this neighborhood. The folks at Miami Culinary Tours offer attendants that opportunity by hosting a two hour walking tour of this great neighborhood. While the focus of the tour is of course the culinary oasis that is Little Havana, while on the tour you'll be able to check out the domino park, watch cigar rollers and check out local art.