Magic City Pizza Is The Best Pizza South Of Flagler St.

July 31, 2015

I've been insta-stalking Magic City Pizza for a few months now. Then Burger Beast wrote about them and I decided to bite the bullet and give them a shot. It's in a corner spot in a small shopping plaza on Coral Way that can be easily missed if you blink. The restaurant is small and primarily intended for take-out and delivery but, there are a couple of small tables if you just can not wait to stuff your face.
Cheese Pizza
On my first visit, we decided to eat in and went HAM. Large Magic City Pizza pie, honey garlic chicken wings, garlic bread and fettuccine alfredo with chicken. It was a feast of fat ass proportions and it was glorious. The pizza was jam packed with sausage, genoa salami, pepperoni, ham, bacon and the perfect amount of cheese to hold all that meatiness together. This pizza was a little spicier than what I was expecting, but it was a welcomed surprise. The garlic bread had a slight crunch to the crust and was a pillow of goodness on the inside all while dripping in tons of minced garlic. The honey garlic chicken wings were insane; real honey mixed in with minced garlic and slathered over juicy wings. Unfortunately, I cant tell you if the fettuccine alfredo was good because my best friend inhaled it before I could steal a bite. However, he did manage to mumble between bites, "Bro, this pasta is good as fuhhh."
Honey Garlic Wangs
On my second trip to Magic City Pizza, I decided to pick up a simple half cheese half pepperoni pizza pie and garlic rolls. I call it the his and hers pie. If you follow me on instagram, then you know my love for cheese runs deep and this oober cheesy yet simple pizza hit spots I didn't even know existed. The garlic rolls were just as good as the first time, but eating them in pajamas on my couch made them taste just a little bit better.
Garlic Rolls
My third encounter was having the pizza delivered to my place because the idea of putting on a bras that day was totally out of the question. Unfortunately, Magic City Pizza doesn't deliver to my area so I had to employ a third party delivery service to get the pizza to my place. This time I opted for extra cheese pie, moaarrr garlic bread and my boyfriend opted for a Cuban sandwich (who the hell gets a Cuban sandwich from a pizza shop?! But don't tell him I said that). The pizza was mouth-watering and just as good as the other two times, the garlic roles were great, consistently amazing and even the Cuban sandwich was actually really tasty.
Cuban Sandwich
This place has quickly become my go-to for pizza south of Flagler Street in Miami. I say that because King's County Pizza in North Miami Beach/Aventura is just as delicious if not slightly more so and well, Steve's Pizza in North Miami is my favorite for it's quirkiness, plethora of personal nostalgia and a decade worth memories shared there.
Half Cheese Half Pepperoni Pizza
My only gripe with Magic City Pizza is their inconsistent and at times aloof service. There's typically one person (usually the same female) who acts as waitress and takes telephone orders. There's been times where we have been given misinformation regarding the availability of certain toppings. The one time we dined in we had to constantly get up to get our own drinks and silverware because she was more concerned with the plot twists of The Simpsons episode playing on the TV. As a result, take out or delivery via a third-party delivery service is my primary option to quench my pizza cravings. Either way, the food far out-weighs any service snafus I've experience and will not deter me from going back again and again.

Restaurant Details:
Magic City Pizza
7401 Coral Way
Miami, FL 33155
(786) 542–8662
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