Tremendo #ArrozConMango

May 17, 2018

Leave it to Gio from ChatChowTV to come up with something like #ArrozConMango. He is the brand ambassador for Havana Club rum and has teamed up with the folks at Phuc Yea to combine Cuban and Vietnamese cuisine in an awesome monthly dining series. The Vietno-Cuban dishes are of course being paired with Havana Club drinks. In case you didn't know, the term "Arroz con Mango" is usually used to describe something you'd consider tremendo cluster-fuck. It's application in the name for this dining and beverage series can be interpreted as the cluster-fuck that results when you mash together Cuban and Vietnamese cuisine or it can be a play on the delicious Asian dessert that marries coconut rice with mango. Who knows?!

Celebrating Mother's Day with Colombian Empanadas

May 13, 2018

This blogpost was sponsored by Western Union.

Mother’s day in my home has always been a combination of celebrating the amazing women that made my life possible and celebrating our rich culture. My mother (or Fat Mamá Hedonist as I like to refer to her) is originally from Colombia and my grandmother still lives in Medellin, Colombia. Our family has been using Western Union to send money to my grandmother and aunts for nearly twenty years, so I’m really excited to team up with them on this campaign. Western Union is all about celebrating the little things in life like the good food we eat, the places we visit or the reasons we send money across the world, because it’s these little things that make us who we are.

Colombian Empanadas