Tremendo #ArrozConMango

May 17, 2018

Leave it to Gio from ChatChowTV to come up with something like #ArrozConMango. He is the brand ambassador for Havana Club rum and has teamed up with the folks at Phuc Yea to combine Cuban and Vietnamese cuisine in an awesome monthly dining series. The Vietno-Cuban dishes are of course being paired with Havana Club drinks. In case you didn't know, the term "Arroz con Mango" is usually used to describe something you'd consider tremendo cluster-fuck. It's application in the name for this dining and beverage series can be interpreted as the cluster-fuck that results when you mash together Cuban and Vietnamese cuisine or it can be a play on the delicious Asian dessert that marries coconut rice with mango. Who knows?!

Either way, it's an awesome concept and I'm really excited to be a part of it. Last month's event was hosted by Nick from The Food-e and this month's event (happening Sunday May 20, 2018) is being hosted by yours truly. Next month, Kiko Suarez from Telemundo and NBC6 will be the host with most.
Gio of ChatChow serving drinks at last month's #ArrozConMango
This pachanga is happening at Phuc Yea. Does that name sound familiar? It should. I wrote about Phuc Yea when it was nothing but a pop-up in downtown Miami back in 2011. From that pop-up, the owners Cesar Zapata and Aniece "The Umami Mami" Meinhold went on to build The Federal and have now come full circle to open up Phuc Yea as a brick and mortar establishment in the MiMo neighborhood in 2016.
Cesar Zapata serving up Vietno-Cuban Crawfish
So what exactly can you expect at #ArrozConMango? This event is being sponsored by Havana Club and once a month the host, food and cocktails change completely. We will be taking over the patio area of Phuc Yea and this time around we'll be serving up Cuban-Viet style crawfish served with fried yuca, chicharrones and mojo butter. There are rumors that there will be a caja china present con tremendo lechon. There's gonna be Lechon Bao Buns topped with pickled onions, mojo and nuoc cham aioli. To wash all that food down, Gio is working on a killer drink menu that will only be available that day.
Cheers at last month's #ArrozConMango with Havana Club cocktails

The party starts with drinks this Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 4pm and food will start being served at 5pm. Drink specials include $8 Havana Club Cocktails all night long, $25 Bottles of Rose and $9 Shot & Beer Combo. To claim your table and RSVP, click here. Also, keep an eye on my Instagram as I'll be giving away a $50 food and bar tab to one lucky follower!

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