Sanguich De Miami - The Hype Is Real

October 16, 2019

I remember hearing rumblings about a Cuban sandwich coming to Miami in a crate in the middle of Little Havana. I figured it was just another marketing stunt, like so many other things in Miami. I tried to make it out the crate on 3 different occasions and it was always closed. Then came the news that this magical sandwich producing crate had been shut down by the city. By the time the name Sanguich De Miami started popping back up, it had all but been forgotten.

Quickly, people started proclaiming that this was THE BEST Cuban sandwich. Again, I figured just another PR gimmick using influencer marketing to gain steam. So I decided, ok lets make this happen and find out for ourselves. One day after work, still in my scrubs I drove straight there. I sat down and there were the owners. A husband and wife duo who left the corporate world to make sandwiches greet every single person with a comforting smile and genuine interest. Their story reminded me so much of the movie Chef, but the fact that they were so personable and humble made me want to visit the restaurant even if I ended up not liking the food.

After a few visits I've tried their croquetas and chicharrones. Have you ever had pork rinds that are still crackling when they get to you? It's a glorious thing and you need on it ASAP. I have yet to try their "nachos" and it's a sad fact I'm afraid to admit.

Thus far, I've had their Cuban, Lechon Pan con bistec, croqueta preparada and even their take on a turkey sandwich, the Sanguich De Miami. I went into all of these sandwiches actively looking for something not to like, but after each one I was left with the same thought, "Asere esto está empingao." Everything is either made in-house or specialty made just for the restaurant and that attention to detail comes through in every bite. Their sandwiches really are great and I realized; the hype is real.

In regards to dessert, they’ve got some classic cuban shakes (Mamey, Trigo y Mango) as well as a Timba and Colada shake. The Colada shake is seriously a caffeine addicts sugary dream. It has an entire colada (cuban coffee) mixed with vanilla ice cream. Like an affogato on crack.

If you haven’t made the pilgrimage to Little Havana to try this hole in the wall cranking out some of Miami’s best sandwiches, don’t worry. Word on the street is that Sanguich De Miami is opening up several more eateries through out the county.

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