Pumpkin Pie Tres Leches Recipe

November 1, 2019

This recipe is for everyone that brines their Thanksgiving turkey in Cuban mojo. For the children and grandchildren of immigrants who’s Thanksgiving meals include side dishes from their parent’s homeland like pupusas, frijoles negros, yuca or gallo pinto. As a second generation immigrant myself, traditionally American celebrations always call for a marriage of both American food and food from my parent’s country of origin. I am forever caught between the country that I have called home my entire life and the culture/traditions my parents have passed down to me and want to make sure are not lost in assimilation. To me, a Thanksgiving meal is not complete without a pumpkin pie and the Macy’s parade. However, my mom scoffs at the idea of a pie served on Thanksgiving that is made from pumpkin, her exact words are, “Pie de Calabaza?! Mija, eso no es comida!” So there is always a flan or arroz con leche next to my pumpkin pie.